Time lapse, from our deck at Sun Mountain Lodge, Christmas 2023.  With a shutter activation every 2 seconds, this video shows about an hour of weather as the fog comes up from the valley then goes back down.  The dark flashes are birds flitting around the deck looking for handouts.

A 30-second time-lapse ending in a beautiful sunset.  Facing NNW, June 2023.  It was a pleasant evening.

Christmas Day, 2022.  Shoveling's done.  Now back down to Sun Mountain Lodge for the rest of the holidays.

On Arrival, Christmas Eve Day, 2022. I still have my snowmobile helmet on (at end).

Caught a rain squall.  Or, it caught me.  June, 2022.

Look Up!  From Yurt Deck, February 2022

Time-lapse, Laying in Firewood for the Winter of '21 / '22, September 2021

Snowy Slo-Mo, from Deck of Yurt, November 2020.  Music by Butch Thompson, White Christmas.

Spectacular Sunset at the Yurt, August 2020

Sentinel Pine in the Wind, Time-lapse, August 2020

Bored in the Yurt, August 2020