Alhambra, Granada - 1st of 2.  The second video, below, is the better one to get a feel of the Alhambra.

Alhambra, Granada - 2nd of 2. This is the better video to get a feel for the Alhambra from.

On a late afternoon walk around Granada, came upon this excellent surprise. Flamenco dancers, "working on their sultry." Seems like a practice session for a production of some sort.

Basilica San Juan de Dios (Saint John of God), Granada Spain.  The main alter.  Pardon the flicker, caused by 50Hz and 60Hz systems duking it out.

Basilica San Juan de Dios, Granada. Four side-chapels. Flicker again, from rendering lighting at 50 Hz on a camera set to 60Hz.

Inside the Mezquita of Cordoba.  Pardon the flicker, caused by a mismatch between my 60hz American settings and the European 50hz electricity standard.

Samana Santa procession in Cordoba, Easter Sunday.  Costumed 'Penitents' preceded The Virgen de la Alegria, sitting on top of an altar, which was carried out of the Church of Santa Marina and stepped through town for about a mile, by members of "The Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Risen Lord, Holy Mary Queen of Our Joy and Our Lady of Light and Mother of Youth".