I retired in 2017, having spent most of my career as a Supply Chain Manager within the aviation industry in the Seattle area.
I was born in Detroit, MI (USA) to German immigrant parents.  At age 25 I moved to the Seattle, WA area, where I live with my wife.
We have 7.5 acres of view property on Orcas Island, where we spend occasional weekends in our restored trailer.  We also have 40 acres of forested view property in the Rendezvous area of the upper Methow Valley, on which we have a yurt furnished in grand style, and where we spend our energy, our money, and more time than just weekends.
I work hard at staying physically fit.  I travel well and often.  I have an affinity for transitions - grimy or lux city plus remote wilderness within the same trip, extremes of weather, sunrise and sunset, blessed sleep earned from exhaustion.  But mostly I just choose to be outdoors away from the city.
And I have a passion for photography in all its forms.  I am a volunteer photographer for Seattle Chamber Music Society (Benaroya Hall, Seattle) and for Town Hall - Seattle (lecture and performing arts venue).  I'm also a volunteer at Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) where I assist in their digital and darkroom labs.  And I print my own images in my home digital studio.